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So the question becomes why would a leading woman care about this course? So let me tell you a few things about the leading woman. The leading woman typically has spent a lot of time working on her craft, she has developed herself, she has learned the tools of the specifics of her trade because she's constantly needing to prove herself. In some cases where she's in an environment that is conducive, she has been mentored, she's been coached she might even have a sponsor. There are various junctures in this journey, the truth is as she rises the pyramid narrows, same for everyone by the way. For those who hit that proverbial glass ceiling, they plateau. Some learn to hang in there or scramble to make strides. Whether she is in a position that is vibrant, exciting and still viable or at the crossroads of job loss, loss of status or boredom.

This course will open up a number of core things necessary to consider:
Section 1 -
a. Posterity, and how to work for it
b. Finding opportunity pathways
c. Creating financial capacity
d. Cultivation of Legacy
e. Harnessing influences
f. Creating transition opportunities in case of job loss, loss of status or boredom

In addition, you will learn the following
Section 2 -
1. Calculate your economic capacity and how you can improve it
2. Know your economic credit and review how you are spending it and ought to spend it
3. Calibrate your Economic and personal relevance

Finally, rising beyond the plateau - preparing the next port of call while hosting yourself
Section 3 -
1. Rejiggering your pathway
2. The magnetism of your current career, changing/extending the polar capacity
3. Opportunities, Capacities and Networks, building that new normal

Who should attend - Any leading woman or aspirant who desires a career that encompasses the terms and conditions that she can influence and leverage? Any woman looking to grow beyond her visible boundaries!

Course Cost is $1,000 US or £1,000 GBP
To Pay - we use PayPal Please indicate in PayPal, name of course and days to be registered. You will be contacted within 24hrs to confirm.

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