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How do you begin your day?

A couple of years ago, I had a very self-destructive lifestyle, feeding my mind and my body with all kind of unhealthy stuff. Later on, I realized that successful people, without no exception, had their own morning routines. Then, I thought to myself, might be something in it. And I tried it out. Now, I have my everyday morning routine, I cannot imagine my day without it.

✨Do you have a morning routine?
✨ If yes, what is that?

Here are some tips and ways on how to start your day, what at a short time will bring you more peace of mind, happiness, and will keep you grounded and focused on what you want:

✨ Making your bed (making your bed after you wake up, means that you have already accomplished something on that day)
✨ Meditation
✨ Expressing gratitude
✨ Morning positive affirmations (these you can repeat as many times as you can during the day, like a mantra)
✨ Exercise
✨ Reading
✨ Eat a proper breakfast

If you would like to become a high achiever, make up your daily morning routine, and stick to it, no matter what. Will take commitment and determination, but it is the core of your success.

Much love,

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