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“There will come a day when you really have had enough: You get to choose that day.” ~Shuntella Richardson

Life happens!

We are all confronted with undesired circumstances. Let that be a poor work environment, a dead end relationship, being underpaid, gaining too much weight, not having enough clients, unhealthy friendships, having bad credit — the list can go on and on.

There is so much that we deal with hoping that the situation will change or correct itself. Wasting sooo much time. All the while feeling angry, disappointed and/or frustrated.

Guess what? Take it from Glenda, the good witch from the Wizard of Oz, “You’ve always had the power my dear.”

You don’t have to wait in limbo and let life happen TO YOU!

When YOU decide you’re done dealing with anyone or anything that decreases your overall happiness and betterment of life — IT’S OVER!

YOU HAVE THE POWER! You can make that choice anytime, even TODAY! ?