What caused you to become an entrepreneur?

Last week, I spoke a little about women defying social norms and gender bias. Most women have undoubtedly experienced this before- maybe it’s the primary reason you decided to become your own boss even.

Then you realized that owning a business can be a male dominated world too! It can be difficult to walk into any networking event, or entrepreneurial event only to find just a few other women in the entire room. Anyone would find it hard to relate to others who don’t know the struggles you face, simply because they have never braved them.

That is one of the primary reasons the Global Woman Club came to be- to give women a safe space to network, socialize and feel comfortable while actually making worthwhile connections. Why not make friends in business? These kinds of connections will actually advance your business as well as help you become a better business person!!

We have our October breakfast meeting quickly approaching Thursday, October 15th. So if you have not registered, be sure to get your ticket ASAP!! We have new prices to go along with our new site and meeting sign up process (link below).

Look forward to seeing you there!!


Global Woman Club Los AngelesMeeting

Global Woman Club Los AngelesMeeting

Date : Thursday 15th October
Time: 09.00 PDT