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Sometimes life looks so easy -all you need is to figure out how things work! Come up with ideas that you are ready to implement! BUT implementation is the key, and the SPEED you take action makes a big difference! Once you find the direction of your destination all you need to do is keep walking- don’t stop! You maybe feel lazy sometimes, you don’t want to do that hard work, to get out of bed, to brush your teeth, wash your face, do your hear, put some makeup... you don’t feel you want to do it! But this is not a choice, you have to keep going - even when you feel down, sick and with no energy- You have to keep moving! You may not move with the speed you want to, but at least don’t stop! Stopping and relapses will create bad habits!
Don’t compromise with these habits - Take yourself in the right direction and don’t stop until you reach your destination!