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week8 homework: Why visibility is important. Tips on visibility and how you grow your exposure: The 3 tips from me are: 1. It is really important to speak up at meetings whether it is live networking meetings or on online it is important to show your presentence the more you show your presence the more people will notice you. If you do not have many network maybe it is time to increase your networks. 2 Self-Publishing/Demonstrating your expertise. You can demonstrate your expertise by writing blogs, articles or self publishing ebooks. It is a great way to increase visibility and show your are expert on your field, if you do not have expertise on any particular field you can talk a subject that interest you and grow your knowledge by reading at least 30mins a day on that subject matter to gain your expertise then you can share it with public. 3. Social media presence is very crucial to make trend is your friend, so with current technology make use of social media be present at every stages clubhosue is a great free social media that you can share your expertise and jump in anytime in any platform, plus instsa, Facebook linked in twitter. The more visible you are on social media the more people will notice use, I have increased my exposure through all 4 platform that I have mentioned in here plus the Global Woman networking forum where I connected with women globally.