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How To Create Your Own Online Course

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Do you want to create your own online course but you are not sure how to start? Or you get stuck on the way on which technology to use, which options exist and feel a bit overwhelmed with the options?

Creating your own online course is a great way to generate a new stream of income. But many people get stuck on the way. This course will help you all the way - from deciding your strategy to selling it.

In this turnkey master course on "How To Create Your Own Online Course", you will:

- Define your product offering strategy
- Find your topic
- Specify your target group
- Create your course structure
- Create your course material
- Upload your material to a platform of your choice
- Market and sell your online course

While other courses only give you snippets of what you need to know, this course contains EVERYTHING - from front till end for a one-time price of just 97€.

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