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Learn to Love Russia - A school of Russian language

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Why is it useful to learn Russian?
There are a lot of reasons, among them are

? stand out in a crowd
? understand an amazing culture of Russia
? it’s a very beautiful language
? you will travel easier particularly inside of Russia
?fewer Russians speak English, it’s also useful in some countries of Western Europe
?open doors to learn other Slavic languages
? it improves memory
? it’s not as hard as you think
? it increases the business opportunity
? makes easier to make friends

We can carry on and on ...

It’s not really hard to learn, there are many things in Russian language that make Russian easier to learn than other languages

The Russian Alphabet is derived from the Cyrillic alphabet, consist of 33 letters that not hard to learn

Russian is mostly standardised language, learn the grammar rules and you never make a mistake

“Learn to Love Russia” makes it easy for you to learn Russian. The lessons can be individual or in the group, depends on your choice.

There are lessons for all levels.
If you are not a beginner and want to improve your speaking Russian or grammar you are welcome to attend the conversation class

You will have the best service online on Zoom/Skype/ WhatsApp

The lessons are tailor made, you don’t need to compete with anyone, just yourself ???

Any questions?
We are here to answer them ?
Instagram- #hartshorngalina
Fb - @learntoloverussia

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