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Dolce Vita Events can host your webinars professionally. We help you get leads and potential customers during this Covid period by hosting webinars. You don't need to pay for software subscriptions you have to learn for a long time and end up having a chaotic event. We will take care of all the details and back end control for you!

There is a lot of things going on in the background when hosting a webinar - not just muting people and sharing the screen. As a business, you have to move very fast otherwise other companies will be ahead in the game, the faster you adapt - the faster you get leads and clients.

-Creating an invite link similar to a website complete with speaker profile, description of webinar, your logo, your company banner.

1. This package is for 100 maximum registered attendees (if you have more attendees,
please send an email to events@dolcevita.sg)

2. Creating a landing page complete with:
● Speaker Profile (Client to provide to us)
● Speaker Photo (Client to provide to us)
● Description of Webinar (Client to provide to us)
● Your Logo (Client to provide to us)
● Banner for your Event (Client to provide to us)

3. Leads - you can customize this (job title, email, mobile, etc)

4. Email reminders to attendees before the webinar ( Upon registration, 1 week, 1 day & 1 hour before the event )

5. Technical support during the webinar which includes but not limited to:

● Muting everyone in the chat group
● Ensuring you do not have any dead air in the presentations
● Ensuring that the correct speaker is on the screen
● Unmuting the speaker
● Screen sharing for video and slide presentations
● Fixing live technical issues
● Ensuring all the questions are answered by the speakers

6. Global reach - Linkage to Facebook Live / Youtube Live to reach more clients

7. Post survey so you can do more market research on your clients

8. 1.5 hours webinar programme

9. Recording of the event

10. FREE 1-hour rehearsal with the speakers before the programme to ensure that you have a seamless and professionally-made event everyone will remember

NOTE: You don’t have to pay for any webinar software (Usually monthly subscription)

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