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Get your WOW online with the 3 steps of online Speaking with Clarity & Confidence.

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There is an evolution going on.

The world is changing fast at the moment. And we are not going back.
The United Nations says that the corona crises is speeding up the global transition towards a digital economy, permanently.
So the future of business, training and education is online!

Here lies a fast learning curve that we have to make.
How does that work; promoting your business online?
How can you share your story now that you are limited to a screen?
Can you just do the same as you would normally do as a trainer of teacher?

I noticed that many people don’t take the step to offer their services online.
Out of fear for being on camera, being recorded, speaking to all these faces on screen.
Feeling insecure about their story; will it make the same impact.
Or not being sure if their voice is engaging enough to speak or teach virtually.

You might have had speaking training but you do not know how to adjust that the new virtual world

Get the most out of today’s opportunities:

Get your WOW online with

The 3 steps of online Speaking with Clarity & Confidence .

In 3 sessions you learn
- How to create a clear Story to make impact online
- How to have Confidence & Presence on screen
- How to engage & connect with your voice virtually

BONUS: Technical do’s & don’ts in online presentation.

investment: Euro 147,-
For 3 sessions on May 11, 13 and 15 from 7.30- 9.30 pm CET

Online learning group of max. 6 people

Adda van Zanden is a speaker coach, corporate leadership trainer and a business storytelling developer.
She has been an actor in theatre and television for 20 years and developed her own technique in Storytelling and Speaking with Clarity & Confidence.

An award winning speaker herself, she has been coaching (award winning) international speakers online since many years.

And being a facilitator at the Future center of the Ministry of Infrastructure she is in the frontline of developing and hosting virtual training sessions

Send me a message on FB or Linkedin or in The Lobby if you have questions

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