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Sheena Walker BA Presenting By Design

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Who is Sheena Walker
Sheena is an international speaker, speech coach, and performance consultant with a rich history of applying proven strategies to her client’s businesses, careers, and life; Sheena is renowned within the fields of business development, international speech coaching, public speaking and performance coaching.

Who she works with:
Speakers, Business Professionals, Trainers, and Coaches. She positions her clients in authority roles in their respective industries.

What others Think: "Sheena is not only a truly unbelievable person; she is also a top performer, an amazing coach.

My job is to make you understand that the Impossible is possible in
Delivering your virtual " Signature Message "
To Command Every Presentation with Confidence
Learn the 6 Essentials of Signature Positioning In Business
In 2 sessions you will be Memorable Impactful & Influential.

Sheena is an internationally recognized leader in Olympic winning strategies in business mastery and performance. Over 20 years she has been teaching C suite senior business professionals and executives internationally to create world-class programs and presentations through keynote speeches, masterclasses, and online courses and executive coaching.

As the founder of “Performance by Design” and host of The Power of Vocal Dynamics Podcast and TV show. Sheena’s groundbreaking program offers a difference to her clients, her unique virtual presentations are tailored to each individual to deliver a precise and competitive advantage to you, your people, and your company.
Your Virtual Business
Are you like many executives and professionals and struggling with figuring out how to adjust to the new world we live in and find a way to continue to thrive.
As a Master in Professional Speaking & Business Performance, we are ready to support you to go virtual and expand your business.

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