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Sheena Walker Super Performance Coaching

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Who Is Sheena?
Sheena is an international speaker, speech coach, and performance director with a rich history of applying proven strategies to her client’s businesses, careers, and life; Sheena is renowned within the fields of business development, international speech coaching, public speaking, and high-performance coaching.
Who she works with:

Speakers, Business Professionals, Trainers, and Coaches. She positions her clients in authority roles in their respective industries.
Sheena's unique experience coaching Olympic athletes combined with management and her business background will inspire and educate you to achieve more. Her clients refer to her as the " Corporate Olympian "

As a certified Tony Robbins Results Coach, she will position you to lead the field in your industry.
What others Think: "Sheena is not only a truly unbelievable person; she is also a top performer, and amazing coach…."

Self Mastery Coaching
The ability to coach others to higher performance will make you invaluable, no matter what you do for a living.
Do you run a business and have to advise people on how to improve their life or performance? What if you knew how to coach them to higher levels of clarity, energy, productivity, and influence?

Trying to climb the corporate ladder? What if your the smartest person in your team in knowing how to influence others to give more, serve more, lead more, be more?

Already make a living as a manager, speaker, coach, seminar leader, or online thought leader? Well, how much more effective would you be (and how fewer returns would you get) if you could get people to take more action?

Knowing how to help others reach higher performance, I would argue, is the single greatest skill of any leader or business person. I would also say it is the secret to being paid more and appreciated more.
I`m sure you will have already seen how lucrative life coaching and business coaching is these days.
Introduction to Coaching
Principles of Coaching
5 Drivers to Boost Performance
HP Coaching
5 Coaching Principles
The Power of Business Boasting questions
The Power Of Feedback Models
Discover New Langage for results
Creating Client Plans using sport methodology
Lead the field in your industry

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