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Advanced Plant Care and Composting

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Composting is an essential part of every farm and garden. It is where nutrients are derived for the farm to flourish. We will be looking at the basis of composting and the science behind it. We will cover how compost is derived and the many ways to enhance a simple DIY compost in your home. Decomposition is a naturally occurring process, so we will take a simple journey to understand it until you are able to use your very own compost.

We will also be covering advanced plant care where we will give tips on how to be a smart urban-gardener and deal with issues that arise in your garden.

About the Speaker: Darren Ho (Farmer, Petalicious)

Having worked in various vegetable farms from Australia to Southeast Asia in the past 9 years, Darren is exposed to both the traditional and the high technology ways of farming. With his experience, he has started up and managed multiple edible gardens and farms of all scale. Armed with a background in Natural Resources, he has been consulting for a number of agribusinesses with the scope ranging from crop growing to business management.

Today, he has started Petalicious, a local farming company that aims to educate the consumers about the benefits of eating colours and freshness.

About Petalicious:

Food should make you feel vibrant and alive - you blossom when you eat right. Petalicious is dedicated to cultivating produce that looks and tastes gorgeous with exceptional flavour and nutritional content - all while being sustainable and traceable.

Planet Stewardship: Because we're farmers. Walk the local talk - When it comes to carbon, we tread lightly. With shorter traveling distance, our greens go from our farm to your table fresh with their nutrients intact. They're fed with just the right amount of water too, so we cut back on excess wastage.


Instagram: @petalicious.farm

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