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5 Life Lessons I learned from Barbara Marx Hubbard

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The evolutionary Barbara Marx Hubbard, the visionary and peacemaker, legendary global woman left our world to begin her journey to her next home.
When Barbara joined our first event in London, only 3 years ago, we realised how much our visions were aligned. She fell in love with our work and we all were so excited to bring Barbara in our community. She was our extraordinary light who taught us to co-create together and how we as women can lift each other up through showing love, empathy and inclusion.
A few months ago, I started with Barbara a serial of webinars called “Life lessons with Barbara” – We managed to have the first one, but the next one never came. It was scheduled for Wednesday 10th April, the day that Barbara passed away.

As I believe, there are no accidents in life, the synchronicities show us the evidence of things not seen and here I would like to show you 5 lessons that I learned from Barbara in the last three years.
1. Learn to create meaning and co-create together
2. Every age needs its own psychotherapy to cope with it
3. Every human being has the freedom to change at any instant
4. As human beings we have the capacity to create our conditions, to grow beyond them.
5. We as human beings are capable to change the world for the better


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