Lessons in Conscious Leadership - Lesson 3

Channeled wisdom on leadership in the new paradigm

Whilst the world wakes up it will take time to adjust. You may feel invisible, above or below everything with no sense of belonging anywhere. You will be frightened about voicing your opinion about how you see things. Afraid of ridicule, persecution and abandonment, ostracised.

You will start to tune into your inner world, yet you will need help to navigate it. Get closer to it and work with it. You are gathering as a collective to be able to create a force of good, A human force, which combined power takes the form of a movement. You are creating a movement.

You are visionaries for business. From all sectors, those that have the most influence, now you must step up to be a humanitarian leader, setting an example. There will be those that do not understand you, those that will fear you, but many more that will be shone on with your light. A force, a light force. No systems, no structures, but an intelligence, an intellect about how to work with people, how to work for people, a magic, a vision, an alchemy. The work begins with you.

A stillness, to listen, to change the shape, to shape shift the future. To shape other humans into the shape of their potential. To grown their potential. To work with their mind, body and spirit. It’s not a game, it is evolution and you are the leaders who will lead it.

Louise Hallam

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