Self-love - why does it matter?

I would kindly like to ask for your help :)

Hi all,

I am super excited, changes are on their way into my life, and I am ready to do my best to give value and inspiration in whatever I do.

And for this, I would like to ask for your help.

I am developing a new coaching program, that will help you to make the necessary first steps in knowing yourself better, finding your purpose, and grow both personally and in your career. The first thing we need to look is how to learn to F.L.Y, first love yourself.

I would kindly like to ask you to complete the below survey. Not only will help me out to do better, but you will also get immense value out of the FREE 20 min coaching call when selected.

I am aware that the most precious gift what you can give someone is time, and I appreciate you, and I would be grateful if you would give me some of your time.

Click on the link below and take the questionnaire! Will not take longer than 3 minutes, and I assure you that I will treat your personal information shared with me carefully.

Much love,


Krisztina Konya

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