From Pandemic Pessimism to Growing Bigger and Better

Hannah Kohlmann, intern at Global Woman

Hello everyone! My name is Hannah, I am 23 years old and I come from Germany. I live in Saarbrücken, the capital city of the province Saarland, which lies in the south-west of Germany. In my free time I love to paint, to read and to write. I am a very creative person and love to spend time with the people I love. I am currently studying German as my major and English as my minor at the Saarbrücken University and I hope to complete my studies by the beginning of 2021. But honestly, this is mainly due to the current situation that we are all stuck in right now.

My university was completely overrun by the pandemic and it took the administration a long time to cope with the new situation. The start of the semester was postponed for almost two months and all exams were canceled. Then we received the news that all the courses would take place online and that there would be no face-to-face teachings. I must say that at first I was a fan of this idea. How cool would it be to follow the lecture while eating breakfast or doing the chores? But this feeling did not last very long. I quickly noticed that it was not that great.

There was a lack of personal exchange and I started feeling very lonely. I did not know who was in my courses, which names belonged to which face, and also, I often could not follow the lecture properly because the internet connection was not stable enough. Then there also was the fact that our university is not that progressive when it comes to teaching online and as a result many lecturers have had difficulties giving the lectures and courses online. Many seminars were canceled without replacement. For me this means that I need to do an extra semester in the winter because I need to catch up on my study schedule.

Another thing that Covid-19 has brought chaos into, is my semester abroad. Without an internship abroad I cannot finish my studies. But in the current situation traveling is not the best idea. At the beginning of the year I was accepted for an internship in Scotland and I was really looking forward to going there in July. Then the rejection came. Travel ban. The university also advised to not go abroad during this time. This news completely messed up my entire planning. I was devastated and for a moment I thought that I could never finish my studies and that it is a hopeless situation. But then I pulled myself together because I know what I want and you have to work for what you want.


And so, I looked for new internships. For internships that you could do online. And then I found Global Woman. And I could not be happier. I was offered a three-month internship that I can do from anywhere. So, I had the possibility to goo to Scotland near Glasgow and do my internship from there. All of my colleagues are so nice and the more I learn and find out about Global Woman, the more impressed I am with everything and, above all, the work that Mirela Sula puts into the magazine and everything else. It was so nice to see that I was completely integrated from the beginning and I am amazed at how much I have already learned.


Now you might wonder what my job is at Global Woman. Until recently I was responsible for improving and writing the video descriptions on the Academy webpage. I will be honest: I would probably have never watched these videos without this internship. But I am so surprised how much I learned from some of them. And also, I got great feedback on everything I did which I really profited from. I am looking forward to all my further tasks and mostly to me growing more and more.

I am very happy Mirela gave me this chance and I am sure I will learn a lot more and that this internship will make a huge impact on my life.

At the beginning of this whole pandemic I was very pessimistic and had no hope to finish my studies in the time that I wanted. I hated the situation and I felt powerless. But life does not always goes as planned. So, you have to adjust and make the best out of it. The past months really were the worst in my life. But I grew bigger and better out of every situation and I will not stop growing and improving.

I wish everyone to get through this situation well, someone to turn to in difficult times and the strength to get the best out of themselves every day.

Hannah Kohlmann

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Shuntella Richardson 1 y

Great article, Hannah! Welcome, and I look forward to learning more about you and reading your articles. I'm happy to read that you didn't give up on your chances of finding an internship. It's interesting how in chaos, we can find opportunities if we look.

As you stated, "But I grew bigger and better out of every situation and I will not stop growing and improving."

Keep growing! ?

Giovana Vega 1 y

Hi Hannah,

Welcome to the Global Woman Community and so looking forward to connect with you.
Absolutely in every challenging moment opportunity arises, and you will learn a lot during this process ❤️

Irina Richardson 1 y

Hi Hannah, welcome to our Global community. It’s so true that with Change come the Opportunities as well. You are so young & learning to embrace change at your age is amazing opportunity, not to mention the Priceless guidance of Mirela & Trevor. Enjoy your internship & hopefully will get a chance to speak to you in the Lobby. Thank you for sharing your story. ??

Mirela Sula 1 y

Wow well done Hannah - So glad to have you on board. You are amazing.