The Global Woman Club Online Meetings in the Lobby

Starting Today at 11.30am UK time

 Dear Global Women,

As you may have seen we have moved our movement to the next level. We have create a huge online platform and in the last 4 days we had more than 2000 women registered to attend our online events – All FREE of Charge.


We are in the mission to empower women locally and connect them globally


Everyday you will be able to access in the Global Woman Lobby new content, connect with global leaders and entrepreneurs and learn how to build your own brand/career by working from home. You can literally hire yourself or upgrade yourself today! 

Everyone in the Global Woman Lobby will be able to access new sessions from the Tech Forum (each day we will publish a session) 

BUT Today at 11.30 you will get a bonus! 

We start the first Club online event for this month with Manila.

Today at 11.30 if you are on, and present in the Global Woman Lobby, you will be able to watch live The Global Woman Club Manila.


All you need to do is to show up in the lobby


See you at 11.30

Mirela Sula

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Agata Galuszka 2 yrs

This is absolutely amazing and revolutionary. Thank you Mirela for being there for us. We will shop up for you every time x