Why does success make us feel like a failure?

We are all on a journey, yet in such a hurry to reach our destination. Take time to celebrate your success.

When was the last time that you achieved something and then immediately starting thinking about the next thing?

The majority of work place stress and mental health illness are due to a misplaced definition of success. We have been programmed culturally, in the workplace, by our peers and friends and just because its what we do. To focus only on the end goal, the achievement, the result. Believing that “I should be, I should have, I didn’t. I can’t, I did not.

We feel unappreciated, lose our sense of belonging and all our efforts go unacknowledged. If not by other people then by ourselves.

When this happens we are in an energy of failure, which contaminates our effectiveness. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that we won’t achieve what we want.

We forget to to acknowledge that we are on a journey. The struggle, the courage, the falling down and getting back up. The creativity, when we’ve taken risks, the strength of our conviction and commitment. When we’ve faced up to the challenges and stepped out of the familiar.

We forget to acknowledge all our unique gifts, skills and talents. The ones that we were born with. When we needed nothing else to be successful. We were successful from our very first breath.

Look at success as waking up and taking a breath, sleeping in a warm, comfortable bed. Having the freedom to walk down the street feeling safe. To hear the birds sing, to see the beauty of nature.

All of these things make you successful as well as the true essence of who you are. Recognising who you are and the contribution you bring.

Acknowledge your success story and seek positive praise and reward for the journey, not the destination.

Unleash your potential and see yourself from a broader perspective.

Louise Hallam

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