New World: Environmental Visuals Justify The Hardware Demand

Introduce major environments in New World.

Players who want to experience a new experience of an alternative historical MMO will appreciate the new world and its core visual effects. Unlike other fantasy MMOs, the "historical" aspect of "New World" provides a unique style that other MMOs do not have for "Exploration Age". In addition, maximizing the graphics options will enable the new world to show quite an amazing aesthetic, combining deep historical realism and high fantasy.

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The main environment of New World is as follows:

Windsward: Arguably the "friendliest" area in the game, Windsward has a lush open environment for players to explore. Its rich forests are juxtaposed with mysterious temples.

Edengrove: One of the most dynamic environments in the game, Edengrove is the location of some outposts. In the wilderness, Edengrove has deadly creatures for brave adventurers to fight against.

Reekwater: As the water theme area of ​​the game, Reekwater is a run-down fishing village close to the ocean. The Siren Queen and her fleet now live in this area, enslaving the settlers of Rickwater.

Mourningdale: As one of the most mysterious areas in Aeternum, Mourningdale has an impressive set of stone structures that will amaze players. Its ancient location provides clues to mysterious legends that the new world has not yet provided.

Ebonscale Reach: Ebonscale Reach is probably the most visually impressive area in the new world, with wonderful waterfalls and huge cliffs. This area is also the hometown of Queen Tai Ying, who was an exiled queen who formed an army in order to regain the throne.

Shattered Mountain: It can be said that it is the endgame area of ​​MMO. Shattered Mountain has a bleak apocalyptic atmosphere, which contains the feeling of more challenging monsters in the area.


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