I didn’t have the money to pay for food

I didn’t have the money to pay for food

There was a moment in my life when I used to go out with friends (after saying “no” many times, finding excuses I was busy) but even when I got the courage to get myself out of the house with only £50 in my bank account (and no idea how I was going to provide for my son and pay the rent)... There was that moment when the waiter came and asked everyone what we were ordering to eat and I didn’t have many choices to pick in my menu apart the one saying “Oh do you mind if I take only water, I did eat late and I am feeling full, I really can’t eat anymore now

 - Well the truth was that I was starving but I couldn’t risk spending my last £50 in my account! I didn’t want my friends to know that but when I left I told myself “I don’t want to live like this anymore” - I felt terrible, it couldn’t get lower than this, but I promised myself that night when I went back home and felt my tears on, while I was meditating “I need to change this, I am going to find opportunities, somebody who can teach me, coach me how to live better, fully and with purpose”.  Shortly after that I started seeing things differently, things that I was not able to see before, and make sense of many synchronicities that didn’t have a meaning to me before!


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The truth is that everything is available out there but we need to be awake to see them, claim them and own it!

Since then I have been blessed to meet so many amazing people, mentors, teachers who guided me to find my path and I am grateful forever!

One big thing I have learned in this journey of self growth and self development is: always be humble, and don’t take things or people for granted!

And most importantly “everything thing that you wish for yourself, wish everybody has”

If you are at that moment right now, I just want you to know that we all have been there- reach for help and believe you will receive...!

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