Global Woman Online Meeting Amsterdam
Global Woman Online Meeting Amsterdam Sep 25

Global Woman Online Meeting Amsterdam

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Empowering Women Locally - Connecting Women Globally A different style of networking!!!

Join us for a Virtual Business Networking in Amsterdam on Friday, 25th SEPTEMBER 2020 from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm.
Places are limited so please book early!

Non-members can attend one time to try it out and decide if they want more of the Global Woman experience. Members can attend any breakfast in a one year period, at any location, and speak there. We have Global Woman Clubs in London, Birmingham and Nottingham UK, Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Oslo, Milan, Vienna, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Cyprus, Johannesburg, South Africa, Dubai, Tirana and Singapore, and more than 25 clubs at the end of 2019 and many more opening in 2020, including the Philippines.

Our aim is to connect professional and business women around the world, and we are celebrating together knowing that many of us may have come from different countries, different backgrounds and even being at different stages of life and our profession or business but we all have something in common: the drive and the passion to succeed in business or our chosen vocation.
Global Woman Business Club helps women to build their confidence and belief that they can be successful in whatever they do. We help them build their brand and create awareness about their projects through our media platform.
25-09-20 - 15:00 Start date
25-09-20 - 17:00 End date
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