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Global Woman Club is an ever-growing network where members enjoy many benefits. What we really love about the Global Woman platform is that it brings together a high quality of women from all around the world and they feel comfortable with each other... In every gathering, we feel that we are returning back home. Global Woman Club started in an office in central London in March 2016 and had grown to over 25 Global Woman Clubs worldwide by the end of 2019.

Join us for a Business Networking Breakfast in Nottingham on Saturday, 20th June 2020 from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm. Free parking and Wifi and breakfast buffet provided.

This event is for Premium and Star members and you are welcome to be here as a first-time attendee too, to feel the Global Woman Club experience, and make an informed choice on if you want to join. You won't be the only new person, we have many first-timers every month and you will quickly feel at ease in a warm and welcoming environment.

Buy your early bird ticket by 13th June and enjoy even greater value for money.


The Director of Nottingham, Irina Richardson, joined the Club in 2019 after hearing Mirela Sula, the founder of Global Woman Club, speak at one of the London events. Mirela’s Vision, Mission & desire to Empower millions of Women around the world has totally resonated with Irina. She loves everything to do with personal growth, mind, body & spirit.

She became a regular visitor to her local Club in Nottingham, the fifth Global Woman Club to start in 2017.

Being a member of the local Club opened opportunities for Irina for much wider, truly global connections. She has traveled & spoke in Albania, Kosovo and London Clubs, to name a few. When the opportunity came along to take over Nottingham club & grow it even further, Irina had no hesitations. She is so excited to attract even more members every month & continue growing the network of amazing ladies.

This is how the Global Woman community grows - it always starts from women attending the Global Woman events, building trustful, mutually beneficial, and warm relationships, then the magic happens.

This is how we grow the Global Woman community and locations - it always starts from women attending the Global Woman events, building trustful, mutually beneficial, and warm relationships.


The model for the Global Woman Club business networking evenings runs something like this: Arrive at 9.30am, help yourself to tea/coffee or orange juice and the finger buffet and then do some initial networking, introductions and say a few words possibly on the Facebook Live video, as Irina, your host, and organizer, introduces you to the Global Woman community. The event will start at around 10.00 am with a welcome and update on other Global Woman Club activities.


At Global Woman Club business networking events, club members are all given the opportunity to speak for two minutes to the room and first-time attendees can sign up on the day and immediately enjoy the additional benefits. They share their personal story, or their mission and vision, and talk about their business. There is no set order for speakers, some prefer to speak earlier, others later.

After about an hour there is a break for a drink, a little more from the buffet light bite delights, and engage with others in conversation. We then gather everyone together and ask you to smile or wave for the group picture! After that, back to your seats and the second half for speaking to the room. This has an end time of 12.30 pm and you choose to stay for a little while afterward for further conversations, or with second half speakers that they have felt a connection with. Members can leave brochures or leaflets on the table by the entrance/exit or on the chairs during the break.

If you sign up as a member on the day, you may also speak. Non-members can attend only one Global Woman Club or City Club event, one breakfast, OR one City Club evening, to try it out and decide if they want to become a member. Members can attend any Club breakfast or City Club evening, in any city and any country over one year. (Tickets need to be booked in advance and NOT at the door). This is a powerful and great value enabler to help you grow your business and your brand globally.

What makes a Global Woman Club business networking event so special?

It has evolved from Global Woman magazine, sharing so many great and inspirational stories and often bringing these women together to connect and share in person. Speak to anyone who has attended and they will say that it is unique and different from any other networking event they have been to. It has a warm, relaxed and supportive energy, and everyone is open and authentic. It is about building relationships and seeking mutually beneficial collaborations from a rich cultural diversity of women, very successful in what they do, but in such a broad range of professions and businesses.

What they share in common is to serve a social and human good and purpose in whatever they do. For the entrepreneurs, it is to profit with a purpose. For career professionals, it is to succeed with a purpose. We often refer to it as the ‘Life purpose’.

It is the combination of all these magical ingredients that sprinkle a glowing sense of empowerment and happiness. United we are stronger and ready to face any challenges we are experiencing or may meet.

Get a sense of the occasion by viewing a snapshot of the action and hear what the women have to say in the video here:

Our aim is to connect professional and businesswomen around the world, and we are celebrating together, knowing that many of us may have come from different countries, different backgrounds and even being at different stages of life and our profession or business but we all have something in common: the drive and the passion to succeed in business or our chosen vocation.


Global Woman Business Club helps women to build their confidence and belief that they can be successful in whatever they do. We help them build their brand and create awareness about their projects through our media platform.

Non-members can attend once to see and feel the experience and decide if wanting to join as a member. For more information about Global Woman Club membership, contact

We do take pictures and share on Facebook (join us and see them at the Global Woman Club group) and on the Global Woman Club website

You can see the events calendar for all Global Woman breakfasts and events at

In 2018 Global Woman had held 6 Mastermind Class events, a conference bringing men and women together for a better understanding of each other, all in London, and 10 full-day conference launch events in different cities and countries, and the annual Global Woman Summit, in New York in July, with the legendary Les Brown as the keynote speaker. The fourth annual Global Woman Summit will be in London on the weekend of 10-12 July 2020. More details at

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