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Join the #womentech Global Awards 2020

The virtual WomenTech Global Awards 2020 will honor, celebrate and give access to top names in the industry holding exciting ceremonies, inspiring keynotes, engaging panels, technical workshops, and face-to-face networking sessions to learn through actionable advice.

#nominatenow yourself or someone else.

Nominations Open: September 17th 2020
Nominations Close: October 29th 2020
Judging Date: October 30th 2020
Finalists Announced: 16 November 2020
Winners Announced: 03 December 2020

The virtual event platform will offer plenty of networking opportunities. Additionally the partner expo will provide attendees with a great way to connect with companies that support the WomenTech Network.

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WomenTech Network​ is a ​community that promotes ​gender diversity in tech and connects talented and skilled professionals with top companies and leading startups that value diversity, inclusion and strive to create a culture of belonging.

Please set aside a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire aims to explore the impact of COVID'19 lockdown on social wellbeing of the society. Click on the following link to participate:

Feel free to add additional remarks in the space provided. All responses will remain anonymous and only used for study purpose.
Also share in your circle.
Thank you very much in advance for your co-operation.

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Mission Done!
From this little improvised studio we have managed to finish successfully the Virtual Tech Forum - We are overwhelmed and so humbled from the positive response we have received from all of you. Thank you so much and stay tuned because all the sessions will be replayed in the lobby soon


Waiting for the live session I was exploring around the lobby as Mirela said and now I lost the chat group of Techforum...uups don't know how to get back

#techforum #globalwomanclub

Did you join the lobby earlier? Did you catch Mirela's offer at the start? Are you going to be one of the winners ??? Stay tuned. We are going to mention the winners NEXT !!
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