Emily K Thomas | Five Ways to Reignite Your Light From Within

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Transformation coach shares with us how to reignite your light from within.

2020 has been a wake up call for the whole world on so many levels, how we interact with others, how we do business, and especially how we travel. COVID-19 has legitimately given us a 360 turn around on just about everything and coping with the abrupt changes has not been the easiest. But just like Ying Yang or finding the silver lining, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.
Transformation coach, Emily K Thomas, has been helping individuals find their passion, their calling, their light within for several years and is happy to share her five, proven methods for those needing to reignite their spark, especially during these dark times.
1. Get clear on what you really, really want.
Imagine you're on your deathbed and you are so proud of what you've done becuase it was in divine alignment. What is that thing that shows up for you?

2. Do not give up - stay committed.

There will be highs lows in any direction you go in your life so you might as well drive in the direction of your aligned desires and decide that you will work through the good, the bad and the ugly to make it happen. Life is abou the full spectrum of emotion so embrace the fails as well as the wins.


3. Create a positive encouraging environment.

Surround yourself with people who lift you up, who believe in your vision encourage you to go after your dreams. If you're around people who are positive, you automatically elevate your vibration to be a march for that of which you want to build or create and do for yourself and others.

4. Selfcare.

Get out in nature, breathe fully, and embrace meditation (whatever that may look like for you) to ground yourself in your truth.

5. Be unapologetically you.

Take action that inspires you daily because with the action you will also receive self-confidence self-trust as a by-product.