Our aim is to connect professional and business women around the world, and we are celebrating together knowing that many of us may have come from different countries, different backgrounds and even being at different stages of life and our profession or business but we all have something in common: the drive and the passion to succeed in business or our chosen vocation.


Global Woman Business Club helps women to build their confidence and belief that they can be successful in whatever they do. We help them build their brand and create awareness about their projects through our media platform.

What you benefit by becoming a member:

          Attend and speak at any Global Woman Club networking event anywhere in the world

          Build a global network

          Share your message, story, and about your business

          50% discount on all Global Woman events

          Make great new connections

          Find new clients

          Generate more revenue for your business

          Join and collaborate with a global community of like-minded women

New from January 2020

          Free access to the Global Woman Academy, a great video library resource of inspiring and informative content, with new additions daily. (£39 per month for non members).

          Free premium access to the Global Woman Club app. This will connect you with members around the world, chat online, in groups or one to one, share your events, post articles and blogs

What we achieved

Start an incredible journey for Global Woman Club

          We have walked with thousands of women around the world and have created a global community where we do not feel alone anymore.

          We have encouraged hundreds of women around the world to come with new ideas and start new projects, initiatives, new paths or have their own business they can bring positive change in the world.

          We have inspired hundreds of women to share their stories and motivate them by doing things differently and bring good results in their lives and other people’s lives.

          We have helped hundreds of women to remove their fears and not feel scared so they don’t stop, don’t give up or procrastinate.

          We have taught hundreds of women to tap into their burning desire, grow their faith and dare to dream big so they don’t hesitate to take action.

          We have told thousands of women around the world that we belong to a big community that goes beyond us, a place where we all feel inspired and build the confidence to get out of our comfort zone and feel we are part of the whole.

          We have all learned how to be more, love more, do more, have more and live in a high level of consciousness.

If you resonate with us, please join the Global Woman Club – We have some Big – Good News to share in 2020 and we want you to be part of it.

3 core reasons why you will want to join us

The #1 reason why you will want to join us is because we are global and in our community you will find all the connections that you need to expand your thinking and move beyond your local zone. Through expanding your capacity to think and act, you will access a broad mix of experts who will guide to reach your real destinations following the best path.

By following this path, you will be able to re-connect with your own message and tailor your success story, so you can offer your own knowledge to many people who need it.


The #2 reason that is calling you to join us is all about finance. Our goal is to empower women financially. We often hear “Your network is your net worth”. Once we open the platform for you, then you understand the power of these connections that can potentially bring joined ventures, business partnerships or sharing knowledge.

You will have access to mentors who went through the trenches to build wildly successful companies…

If you are a premium member, you have probably already connected with many likeminded businesswomen around the world and this will also give you the opportunity to access the online platform to learn more, and tap into the knowledge of our successful global women. (Use your member’s code to access our online platform).

If you are not a premium member, you can still access our online library and tap into the source of our content.


The #3 reason you will want to join our family is that you will have INSTANT ACCESS to multiple entrepreneurs who have built a 7-figure business. And what if they gave you the blueprint on how they broke through to the next tier of revenue, when they were in your situation?

If you’re a woman entrepreneur or thinking to start your business, this is your best opportunity to find a map that will help you find your purpose, empower your mind, access/build a platform, create your products, become a public speaker and build your global brand.

Here you will find the “Modern Mentorship Programme” for the new era of women entrepreneurs, the new celebrities of our time, who will inspire the next generation.

If you’re a woman who:

-Have a business idea and need help to start

- Have just started a business and need help to grow…

- Have an established business and need help to move to the next level

- Have a great business and want to coach and mentor other women

- Have a career working in a corporate but want to change and move to the next level

- Have so much knowledge and experience and want to share it globally

- Have a great message/story to share and you want the world to know about you

You will also have access to read and learn

1. Exclusive interviews with industry experts and thought leaders

2. How-to’s and training on everything from management to marketing

3. Ready-to-use information on how to build – and run – a successful business

4. Special focus sections that address the unique challenges businesswomen face

5. Courses, and exclusive videos from the Global Woman Academy